Battery Systems Inc.
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BAE Batteries USA serves the growing backup power requirements of North America. BAE Batteries USA provides a full line of stationary VLA and VRLA products in addition to micro-processor based battery chargers.


Battery Systems Inc.

490 Crile Road

Washington, PA 15301

Toll Free: 800-989-6777

Deka Unigy sealed lead-acid batteries are specifically designed for the unique demands of telecommunications, UPS and other back up power stationary battery applications. Their unique valve-regulated design, broad product offering, computer controlled manufacturing process and meticulous attention to quality make East Penn's line of Telecommunications and UPS batteries the standard by which all others are measured.

SENS EnerGenius® IQ is a utility-grade DC power supply/charger offering industry-first on-board battery checking and data logging systems. These unique features assess battery health, alert operators to potential battery failure and help direct preventive maintenance. Based on hardened and time-tested technology in the SENS ECU DC power supply/charger, EnerGenius IQ offers the unique reliability feature of fault-resilient dual microprocessors.